Confidential information provided by the customer to the marketing agency is generally also protected in the service marketing agreement to ensure that this information is not used for incorrect purposes. This part of the marketing agreement should specify the exact amount of the payment and any information on the structure of the payments. This could therefore be like a discussion about monthly payments, clarification of full payment in advance, etc. Written consent prior to the terms of payment is required. This service agreement (the “agreement,” as amended from time to time by Actify Media at its sole discretion) is a legal agreement between you (“customer,” “you” and Actify Media (“Active Media,” “Enterprise,” “We,” “We,” “Unser”) (together the “parties”). In entering into an order form for this agreement, you agree that the provision and receipt of services are expressly linked to the terms of acceptance of this contract and all the conditions contained in it. A well-developed marketing service agreement clearly outlines the services provided by the marketing agency, which ensures that the scope of services to be provided is clearly defined and that the customer`s expectations are consistent with this magnitude. So what is a marketing contract? To be used by your company, a contract must contain the following: This agreement, as well as all the exhibits, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this contract. The offer applies to the extent that there is a discrepancy between the provisions of this agreement and the offer or order of amendment issued in relation to the provision of services.

This Agreement cannot be amended or revoked unless it is signed by Netsertive and the Client. The provisions of this agreement replace all concurrent oral agreements and any prior oral and written communication by the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. 1.4 “Delivery elements” refer to services and work products agreed upon by the client and advisor, which must be provided by the advisor to the client in the form indicated in the SOW and to the media. A company may sell marketing services or acquire services from a supplier.