The offered land is leased or purchased and fully exploited After his death, the lease was renewed in 1995, with Bharat Petroleum Corporation entitled to a further extension of the lease on the same terms and for the same period, in accordance with the Bhurma Shell (Acquisition Undertaking in India) Act, 1976. “In addition, a second lease is not allowed. In view of the above, bharat Petroleum Corporati cannot continue its activities with respect to the crew, as there is no renewal of the explosives licence. Subsequently, the petitioner`s father, K. Mehaboob Khan, opposed the extension of the lease by 10 years from 1976 and 20 years from 1986, and initiated several legal proceedings. BPCL, however, continued to operate a petrol station in the property through one of its agents and deposited the rent until December 2004. In the case of locations owned by the merchant or leased by the company, a fixed non-refundable fee of Rs. In this case, the applicable fee is recovered at the lowest rate, currently Rs 18 per KL for petrol and Rs 16 per KL for diesel. The petitioner`s grandfather did not renew the lease after 1983. The lease was then renewed for a period of 20 years for a very low rent of Rs 135 per quarter. The petitioner argued that the land belonged to his grandfather and that he had leased it to the Burmah Shell Oil Storage and Distribution Company of India for a period of 20 years from 1 October 1963 and that the rent had been set at Rs 25 per month. CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has ordered Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited to cede ownership of land in Tiruvallur District that has been leased to it for more than four decades.

Here you will find all the other necessary certificates at the request of the BPCL distributor: for a normal BPCL point of sale, the requirement of funds for the privilege Rs. 25 Lakhs and for a rural retail business, the requirement of funds for authorization is about 12 Lakhs. Funds can be made in the forms mentioned below: Eligibility criteria for individual applicants for ownership or partnership BPCL Retail Outlet is indicated here. Since the dispute was supposed to be final, it would not help push the plaintiff to turn to civil court, the judge said. . The court finds that the company must hand over ownership of the property “within 45 days from the date on which a copy of this order is completed.” The increasing number of vehicles throughout the country led to an increase in demand for fuel and eventually increased the demand for gas pumps.