Another common mistake in the use of body leasing services is not to check your employee before hiring. This error is understandable, as most of the time you are in a hurry to find someone who can complete your project before the deadline. The use of body leasing services is quite new, so it is hardly surprising that many people make mistakes when they decide to use these services for the first time. Errors always result from a lack of knowledge about body leasing services, which fortunately means they can be easily corrected. As these services become more popular and many more entrepreneurs use them, these errors could disappear completely. We have written a guide that allows you to avoid errors that can have a negative impact on your project. So what are the common mistakes in choosing to use body leasing services? Last year, I spoke to several founders and managers who are interested in developing their software development resources. While they were fairly sure they did not want to expand their own team, they struggled to choose the type of collaboration with external staff that best suited them. The options that appear most often on the table are hiring the software house or body leasing/personal augmente agency. In this article, I would like to highlight the differences, the pros and cons and the less obvious arguments in favour of the two alternatives by answering some important questions. In many cases, the available budget is not for the ETP, but for a specific project. There is no point in going into the details of why things are so, since there are a number of factors. Imagine a situation where there are plans to develop a new system, but not through the ETP or the typical outsourcing, because the implementation of the project is done outside the company.

Body-leasing is the solution here: acquire a specialist or specialist who will help you move forward, to stay for a time in the structure of your company, but as hired, non-regular employees. One of the variants of this situation is the so-called recruitment freeze, i.e. a recruitment ban (for example). B in the given department) for a specific reason. In this case, body-leasing is often the only way for an employee to participate in interesting projects and offer their skills and experience. The body-leasing is available in two different models. Fixed price and time and equipment. The fixed-price model is good because you know in advance how much you will pay for your project. They make a list of all the work that needs to be completed, give it to the potential employee, and then negotiate the salary for him or her.

As in all areas, there are different objections to body leasing, things that have not been said, and even unfair opinions that have little to do with reality. There are a number of them and I will talk to the most important people about them. It is true that sometimes hired employees are hired full-time after their excellent work, and if you use these services to test your future full-time employee, go ahead, but otherwise, don`t ask for more skills than the current project requires.