(i) Following the publication of staff plans, employers` boards request written expressions of interest for the following optional options, as described in point 3.9.7 of this agreement: if a replacement school is created as a result of the closure of a school through a process of building surplus staff, tender notices are issued in places in the education scoreboard and the tender notice is awarded to the board of directors of the school of completion. Teachers at the graduation school can apply for vacancies. The selection is based on the delivery without automatic right to order. The right to options mentioned in clauses 3.9.1 (e) and 3.9.7 applies if the teacher does not guarantee employment at the alternative school. The term “musical accompaniment with special educational services” refers to the musical accompaniment of one or more students or collaborators in the course of teaching taught by another staff member in circumstances where the companion uses pedagogical expertise in the development of the repertoire or expression for the purpose of concert or examination of students, but does not include concert accompaniment, singing coaching or musical direction. (a) for ELC teachers who were working at the time of the certification of this agreement and staff employed prior to the UN Academic Staff Date – Trade Union Collective Agreement 2010-2012, September 16 of each year; or the Ghana Education Service facilitates the implementation of a housing system for the service`s teaching staff. At the end of the Court of Auditors, the incumbent may be offered a continuation of employment, subject to an assessment of the officer`s satisfactory performance and the persistent needs of the work done. When such a new appointment is made, it occurs in a two-year convertible temporary position, i.e. at the end of the new two-year period, the position may be converted to continued employment, unless the incumbent has been considered indeterminate because of the academic merits and merits of that position and is completed three months before the expiry of the convertible contract. An E-level academic is expected to assume a particular responsibility in the management and promotion of excellence in research, teaching, professional activities and political development in the academic discipline within the department or in another comparable organizational entity within the institution and within the Community, both in the field of science and in the field of science in general. If the downsizing or change in the status of positions cannot be fully met by wear and tear, the following optional options will be made available to workers in accordance with point 3.9.7 of this agreement: the workload will be flexible to allow workers to have blocks of time to carry out different teaching, research and work/services activities. The workload will also be properly assessed for the holidays. Flexible family and family plans under Term 15 are also considered.

The employer strives to obtain the necessary reductions through use. The employer will adopt a policy of reviewing vacancies in the event of overstaffing, which will lead to a partial or total freeze on the recruitment of new permanent employees and/or promotions. 3.14.1 Unless otherwise stated, the conditions of employment of any teacher under this agreement are identical to those in force prior to April 1, 1988. The above also applies to holders of a certificate issued by the Ghana Education Service Council as a teaching certificate within the meaning of this definition; as well as a person for whom a diploma, certificate or diploma is recognized by the Board of Education as equivalent or higher or superior to the above certificates, provided that all of these individuals have successfully completed a recognized vocational training for teachers.