As you will see, on this blog, I take a break on the cost of living in Spain to talk about a topic that I promised a few weeks ago in an article on Spanish residency: the double taxation agreement between Great Britain and Spain. 1 Finally, the theory says that a person does not have to pay twice for the same income. Therefore, if you are in one of these two categories, the double taxation treaty allows you to account for a tax return by the other (by deductions and allowances); This means that you should not pay too much in your «Contracting State». Hello, I have the same problem, my local government pension is taxable in Great Britain. This year, the tax authorities received a letter requesting the tax on the subject in 2015, accompanied by interest. I was then fined for late payment because I was out of the country and only received the letter when I returned. The tax authorities requested a certificate from HMRC, which did not want to know and stated that it would not issue certificates and that it was referring the Spanish tax administration to the double taxation convention. Following further phone calls, an email was published saying that this pension was taxable in the UK. The accountant appealed, but he still had to pay. I have my number. I have my residence permit, I have properties in Spain for the last 4 years and now I am in the UK to work 2 or 3 weeks, then 4 weeks back in Spain, then UK 2 or 3 weeks then Spain, etc. Will I continue like this after Brexit? has made an annual tax deal in Spain. As I only received my green card last November, I am so worried that after Brexit I can no longer earn money in Britain Residence in Spain since 2006, still closed Renta every year.

Only income is received – British DWP pension and British government pension. Seen DTT of 2013, made many requests in 2015 to find the date of the declaration of the public pension. It was not possible to determine whether this is a tax on income declared from 12.6.14 or 1.1.15. I explained every year from 2015. We have just discovered that they have been accused of tax fraud, taxed, sanctioned by fines and added interest, for 2014. The amount deducted from the bank is 2190 euros. It looks like I was taxed twice. AEAT does not accept P60s or a letter from my local government retirement director.

HMRC particularly of little use. AEAT (Huercal Overa Bureau) said that I have to re-claim from my pension provider, – impossible to a public pension that is taxable only in Britain. No one seems to know from what date to declare, nor what is the difference between withholding tax and tax on (my type) of income. I can`t even find anyone who is facing this problem, and my accountant at Villalba d`Albox seems to be struggling to move this call forward. Even the preamble of the DTT by HMRC is not clear on the difference between the 2 types of taxable income. Which brings me to the answer to the last question. By paying what you owe in non-resident taxes to the Spanish tax system, you are entitled to relief equal to the same (or very similar) amount from HMRC….