Consensual pledge a security interest rate granted to a creditor by a debtor. A consensual right to pledge is granted with the agreement of the parties and forms the basis of most secure transactions. See the right to legal pledges and the legal right to pledge for other types of pawn rights. CashThe buyer`s and seller`s agreement to exchange the guarantee and payment on the same day as trading. For money market instruments, the cash tally is the delivery of securities purchased for payment in funds fed on the day of trading. See settlement of accounts. The Company generated an EBITDAEBITDAEBITDA or An EbitdaBITDAEBITDA or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization is the profit of a business before any of these net deductions. EBITDA focuses on a company`s operational decisions, as it considers the profitability of the company from its core business before the impact of the capital structure. Formula, examples in a year. Mandatory amortization is $50,000, cash tax is $100,000 and capital expenditures are $300,000. The excess cash flow from the plant is therefore $100,000 (600,000 – 150,000 – [5.0% – 1,000,000] – $300,000. Credit Credit CreditResecurity RelatedA type of credit derivative.

Credit bonds are a securitized form of credit derivatives. The protective buyer issues clues. In the event of a given credit event, the investor who buys the bonds must either suffer a repayment delay or waive interest. (The specified credit event is predefined, may be an alternative among others.) Also known as a credit guarantee. Cash and payable by banksA bank term used to describe the total amount of assets that are used through liquidity, deposits with the Federal Reserve Bank, deposits with the corresponding banks and items transferred to those banks, Credit SwapA type of credit derivative instrument, are used. Swap contracts in which a party makes payments only if a particular credit event occurs. In the case of a credit risk swap, the seller of the protection agrees, in exchange for a pre-payment or a margin of exchange, to compensate the buyer for the protection in the event of the occurrence of the declared credit event. Credit risk swaps are similar to traditional financial guarantees, but are more flexible. It is more flexible because it is not necessary to limit a credit swap contract to compensation in the event of an actual default. The credit event shown in each swap is defined by the parties based on their specific needs. Variations in the basic structure described in this definition are also used. Also called default swaps or credit default swaps.

See credit derivatives, credit event and benchmark investment. Guarantees (1) Property that a debtor has mortgaged, pawned or transferred to a creditor. As with any financial metric, there are restrictions on the use of excess cash flow as a measure of a company`s performance.