It is up to the merchant to access the bank`s website to consult the dealer contract and any changes made to it and to contact the bank for any questions. PayGate is a means of payment for credit card processing and e-commerce for merchants with investment banking and reseller establishments at Der First National Bank. First National Bank – Trust offers two basic formats in which credit and debit cards can be accepted: DialPay and Electronic Processing. Both options offer easy to track, flat rate for standard and non-standard transactions – the fee is the same if you delete the card or manually enter the account number. Our trade specialists work with you to decide which option is best for your business. We are compliant with the payment card industry (ICH) and follow all federal guidelines for the processing of resellers. All money is paid into merchants` accounts within two to three business days. The mobile device has a rechargeable battery that ensures that the distributor can continue to accept transactions in the absence of electricity. The standalone solution is a user-friendly and inexpensive way for a distributor to accept card payments in a single point of sale or in a non-complex sales environment where there is no need to integrate a distribution system. In addition, your customers can now scan a QR code on your Speedpoint device® with the ETF app or a compatible QR code scanner application without using their physical credit card. The minimum requirements that apply via PayGate Payt Gateway for a First National Bank Are: If you fill out the above, click here to start now, and PayGate will help you organize your reseller agency for you with First National Bank.

The dealer contract defines the rights and obligations of the merchant and the bank and consists of the general terms of sale of merchant services; Specific products and/or general terms and conditions services; annexes; and calendars. . At ETF, we know the importance of your customers` payment experience and therefore allow for effective and secure acceptance of card payment. Our solution provides your customers with a smooth and seamless experience and allows you to obtain a real-time payment authorization so you can quickly bring your goods or services to your customers. The ETF and its family of businesses (First Payment Services® and Secure Identity Systems®) were established in 2004 to provide community banks with a higher level of service and profitability across the country, while closing an unparalleled level of service. The Merchants ETF family of businesses offers a comprehensive list of services that protect and defend financial institutions, businesses and individuals. First National Bank offers a variety of services to its clients, including personal and business loans, private and corporate insurance, investment management services, asset management services, home loans and much more, all with one vision in mind: to be able to support all their clients in any way possible. The standalone speedpoint® device is suitable for a simple payment solution with limited or no integration into your point-of-sale system.

It can communicate via GPRS modem, wireless or standard telephone DF technology, depending on your needs. Merchant Services` terms and conditions of sale refer to the general terms and conditions governing the relationship between the parties with respect to the purchase of services and products and must be read in relation to product and/or service conditions; annexes; and calendars. . product and/or service conditions govern the use of services and products purchased by the bank, such as the e-commerce mechanism. B; point-of-sale device (2008); recurring operations, etc. We also allow integration into third parties. In addition, your customers can now scan a QR code on your Speedpoint device® with the ETF app or a compatible QR code scanner application without using their physical credit card.