In this subsection, a written plan for fair treatment of students is defined as a higher education institution before all students have completed their program of study and may, if required by the accreditation body or the institution`s association, contain an agreement between the institutions for such a program. A proprietary higher education institution that does not meet subsection (a) (24) for two consecutive institutional exercises is not permitted to participate in programs approved by this sub-chapter for a period of at least two institutional years. To recover eligibility for programs approved by this sub-chapter, a proprietary higher education institution must demonstrate compliance with all eligibility and certification requirements under Section 1099c of this title for at least two institutional years after the institutional exercise in which the institution is no longer eligible. That`s not the case. (c) (1) – Pub. L. 101-239, 2006 (c) (2), replaced «any settlement» with «or any regulation» and added «or any applicable agreement, agreement or restriction.» That`s not the case. (c) (1) (B) Pub. L. 102-325, No.

490 (d) (1), inserted in front of the semicolon at the end «, including all matters deemed necessary by the Secretary for the Proper Management of Grant Programs, such as the relevant acts of an owner, a shareholder or a person exercising control of an eligible institution.» In the event that the secretary opens the limit, suspend or terminate a higher education institution`s participation in a program covered in this sub-chapter under the authority of subsection c) (1) (F) or take an emergency action under the control of subsection c) (1) (G) and its regulatory provisions, the Secretary asks the institution to develop an enrolment program with the Institute`s accreditation body or group in accordance with Section 1099b(c)33). the secretary`s provisions relating to the plans to unmask out and the standards of the agency or the accreditation association of the institution. That`s not the case. (c) (1) (F) Restaurant L. 103-208, No. 2 (h) (43), replaced «participation in each program under this sub-chapter of an eligible institute» with «the qualification of each program under this sub-chapter of an otherwise eligible institute.» The section with effect on October 17, 1986, unless otherwise stated, refers to Section 2 of Pub. L. 99-498, in the form of a reference in accordance with Section 1001 of this title. 1999- (a) (23) (C). Pub. L.

106-113 modified sub-par. (C) in general. Before the change, subpar. (C) reads: «This paragraph applies to elections covered by Title 2, section 431, paragraph 1, and includes the election to the post of governor or other director general in that Member State.» In this paragraph, the term «gift» refers to any tip, favour, discount, entertainment, hotel, loan or anything else with a monetary value greater than a mini-museum amount. The term includes a gift of services, transportation, accommodation or meals, whether provided in kind, by purchase of a ticket, payment in advance or refund after the costs have been incurred. . That`s not the case. (c) (1) (A) (i) pub. L.

110-315, No. 493 (b), inserted before the semicolon at the end «, except that the secretary may amend the requirements of this clause with respect to foreign higher education institutions, and may waive these requirements for a foreign institution whose students receive less than $500,000 in loans under that sub-chapter in the period prior to the examination period.»