According to Sears, AD is a 3-year service contract that covers parts and repair and replacement work due to normal wear (non-abuse), unlimited service calls, unlimited instruction calls and annual preventative maintenance checks. In my opinion, it is not much different from an expanded warranty, although Sears wants people to think it will look like something special and that they can sell more. For example, are you saying that the client`s objection is “$99 for an AD? It`s a little expensive now! So I would like to clarify the objection by saying, “So you are questionable about the value of THE MA?” and then I pay it back and say, “Well, I understand, no one should have to pay an extra price for something without knowing why” and I responded by saying, “However, these days, the high cost of repairs can go up to hundreds of dollars and become a huge inconvenience. The sears maintenance contract would save you all this and keep you safe. In addition, our annual preventative maintenance check will run your product smoothly and help extend the life of the product. Finally, I would like to agree by saying, “You do not agree with Mr. and Mrs Jones that the value of saving time, money, inconvenience and extending the life of your product is worth the small price of the maintenance contract? 3-year AD prices are now as follows: $29.99 for a microwave, $34.99 for a straight vacuum, $59.99 for a can, $99.99 for a dishwasher or range, etc. In addition, we are encouraged to sell my mother, as our commission offer for M.S. is the highest with 10 to 15 percent. If I sold a 99.99 $MA, I would make between 10 and 15 dollars. Each division of the central brand and hardware has a different MA standard to maintain, which is calculated as a percentage by my-dollar sales divided by dollar product sales.

For example, the MA standard in my sector is 5.75%. So if I sell a $500 range with an MA of $99.99 on it, then $99.99 divided by $500 is a 20 percent MA. Of course, if I sell another range of $500 without AD, my MA percentage would drop to 10 percent, because $99.99 divided by $1,000 (two domains at $500) is about 10 percent. So I have to maintain a percentage of 5.75, or I`ll do something wrong. Let me be clear on that point. I am not saying here that AD is never cost-effective to the consumer or that AD will never be useful to people. I`m not saying that 100% of the time you buy an MA is a scam. No, there is always a minority of people for whom it will pay, because during the three-year term, something breaks through normal wear and tear. Now, if I get another objection afterwards, I have to start the process again in 4 steps and take up to 3 “No” before stopping! Of course, most employees know better than having to take 3 “no,” but this is Sears` official policy to overcome objections to AD.