(8) The state will send you a notification within 10 business days of receiving the refund. The notice will provide — (6) We will indicate the start date of the agreement and we will automatically extend the agreement for one year beginning October 1 of each year. Either we, or the state, can terminate this contract at any time after 30 days of written notification to the other party. Some countries have programs that provide interim payments to their residents while we review their ISS applications. [4] Payments provide immediate financial assistance to low-income and limited-resource residents to pay for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Each state implementing an aid programme has its own requirements, which its inhabitants must meet in order to receive temporary assistance. Intermediate assistance can be considered an “advance” of your benefits. If you receive your disability benefits, the amount of interim benefits you received will be deducted from the reimbursement you receive from the Social Security Administration. For example, if you receive a total of $1,000 in interim assistance and receive an additional $2,500 in payment, you will receive $1,500 of the $2,500 and $1,000 USD to repay the intermediate services received. 6.

An initial retroactive SSI benefit includes all retroactive SSI funds earned from the applicant after we have calculated the first payments on the basis of an approved SSI fee. Once we have sent an IAR payment to a state, we cannot send the state an additional refund of a retroactive SSI payment that we can make to the applicant based on a recalculation that we could make for the months of the IAR period. We will send this retroactive payment of the SSI benefit, if any, to the applicant. The Interim Assistance Repayment Program (RIS) allows counties to recover general emergency assistance and other forms of cash benefits paid to those in need (including direct cash payments and payments to intermediaries providing services to those in need) to purchase important goods, while waiting to make decisions on their applications for supplementary security (SSI) and/or cash assistance program for immigrants (CAPI). WAC 388-449-0210 – What is interim assistance and how to assail the department? (1) You must have received an injunction from the state and be entitled to an ISS payment for the same month as the period of assistance to the indenk under section 416.1905. (b) The agreement on the repayment of temporary assistance must include the following provisions: The repayment of temporary assistance means the amount we pay to the state on the basis of the amount of interim assistance that the State has paid you or on your behalf, and the amount of retroactive SSI payments available for repayment. If your initial payment of retroactive SSI benefits is less than the total amount of interim assistance paid to you or on your behalf, we will only pay the state a portion of the injunction paid by the state.