The theme of each sentence is now plural. Note that verbs are always singulied, but they correspond to the themes of sex. IN A SENTENCE THAT, WITH A VERB FOLLOWED BY A PLURAL SUBJECT, THE VERB ALWAYS WANTS TO BE SINGULAR AND WANTS TO AGREE WITH THE SUBJECT ONLY IN GENDER. If we abandoned the subjects of these two sentences, the verbs would indicate number and sex. That is, the verbs would become plural. Our two sentences would then be: In each sentence, the subject is composed of more than one person. Each individual is mentioned in the sentence. Sentences 1 and 2 show that the verb is consistent with the theme that comes immediately after. 4. If the verb is immediately followed by two or more subjects, the verb corresponds to the first of these subjects.

If the first of these themes is plural, the verb remains singular and corresponds only to sex. Who are these verbs that refer to Allah or the messengers? In this article, I declare an important but simple rule, which refers in Arabic to the verb-subject agreement. If the verb follows the subject, it must agree with it in number and sex, z.B. A game of equation is an endless sentence, but a nomniary sentence is a sentence that begins with a name and that might have a verb. The situations of sentences 1 to 4 should be clear. The fifth sentence reminds us that the presence of a man in a group makes the male group grammatical. The only exception to this rule is if you have two or more subjects that all follow the verb, as I described above. In summary, the theme, if it comes according to the verb, agrees with it both in sex and in numbers; However, if he stands before him, he agrees with him in sex, but always remains unique. This rule is not influenced by the tension of the sentence, i.e. it applies to each verb and subject regardless of the tension.

Can you start the following sentences with the verb that has this rule in mind? However, when the verb comes before the subject, it corresponds only to the subject of sex and remains unique, z.B. 3. When the verb precedes a plural subject, the verb agrees with sex, but it is always singular. Now we come to verbal sentences that start with a nose shot. Each sentence beginning with a Nov is known in Arabic as a “nominal sentence.” Each time the subject precedes the verb, the verb corresponds to the subject in number and sex. Look at the following examples. I think that is a mistake. The nominal rate refers to the equation rate, i.e.: