«A) you enter into a special benefit decree by which defendant No. 1 orders the execution of a deed of sale of the applicant`s application. (B) they are taken by declaration order declaring the right, property and interests of the property in favour of the applicant. (C) you place in possession of an owner`s order order ordering the defendants to hand over to the plaintiff peaceful and safe physical possession of the property of the remedy. (D) adopts a decree of permanent omission in favour of the applicant and against the defendants 1 to 4, their representatives, heirs, trustees and all those who represent or act on behalf of the defendant 1 to 4, so as not to create third party interests or cause damage and modifications to the claims allowance, i.e. the basic property or suits mentioned above. (E) they are taken by decree on the reimbursement of the amount paid of 13.20,000/- (13.20,000/- (13.20,000/- with pendant and future interest against the defendants in case other claims of the applicant cannot be admitted. Suit property is a 50 sqm farmhouse falls into khasra No. 3/4, near Durga Mandir, currently abadi known as Nathupura Burari Delhi 110084 is shown specifically in red in the site plan with the attached appeal»The Supreme Court has ruled that an unregord agreement to be sold as proof of a contract can be obtained in an appeal for certain services, but protection under Section 53A of the transfer of ownership Act 1882 would not be available in the case of an unregord agreement for sale. «I never attended the complaint before the document was executed on my behalf. At the time of the execution of the document on my behalf, I was well aware that Sh. Kamlesh Chandra lives in the property of the complaint. It is wrong to say that defendants No.

1, 2 and 3 completed all the formalities when handing over the empty physical possession to me. I visited the costume 3 or 4 times before buying the same thing. I visited the property of the complaint with defendants 1, 2 and 3 before buying the same. And at the time, I found Kamlesh Chandra, who lived there. All the documents necessary for the transaction were executed by Rishiraj on my behalf. It is true that there are no relevant/necessary documents left to be executed by Rishiraj in my favour. I don`t know what the word «Care Taker» means. It is true that there is no electricity/water connection in the name of Rishiraj, Sandeep and Kanwar Singh at the time of the purchase of the costume property in 2013.