You agree to inform respondents of all service surveys you conduct, how SurveyMonkey can use survey responses and respondents` personal data as described in the Privacy Statement, and obtain prior consent to provide surveyMonkey with survey respondents in your surveys. 11.6 Termination by the customer. The client may terminate the contract of (a) 30 days of written notification to SoGoSurvey of a substantial violation if such an infringement remains inoperative after the expiry of that period, or b) immediately after sending a written notification when SoGoSurvey is the subject of a bankruptcy application or other proceeding concerning insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation or transfer to creditors. For the purposes of this clause, a written notification must be sent to with the subject “Contract Termination.” 6.1 Property reserve. Subject to the limited rights expressly conferred for this purpose, SoGoSurvey, its related companies, licensees and content providers reserve all their rights, titles and interests on services, content, logos, templates, tutorials, survey examples, questionnaires and other documents they have created, including all associated intellectual property elements. SoGoSurvey holds all rights, titles and interests on and on registered and unregistered trademarks, national and foreign, service trademarks, service mark applications, service brand applications, trade names, patents, patent applications, copyright applications, discoveries, know-how and business secrets of the services, including all investigative documents developed by SoGoSurvey. You agree not to remove and always include intellectual property rights related to your intellectual property or conferred on them by SoGoSurvey, its affiliates, licensees or content providers, including all models. No one can copy, reproduce, transfer, publish, distribute or create works of the services without SoGoSurvey`s express written permission. Customers or users do not have any rights other than the one expressly stated.

If you are a consumer, you can revoke your return as a text (for example. B by mail, fax, e-mail) within 14 days. The deadline begins with the receipt of this communication in the form of a text, but not before the conclusion of the contract, nor before the fulfilment of our disclosure obligations in accordance with Article 246, paragraph 2, in connection with paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Civil Code Introduction Act and our obligations of information in accordance with Article 312g, paragraph 1, first paragraph, of the Civil Code, in conjunction with Article 246, paragraph 3, of the Civil Code Introduction Act. The one-time sending of the retraction statement is sufficient to meet the retraction deadline. The retraction statement must be sent by email to or our helpline through our helpline. A leading psychological explanation attributes tolerance bias to social norms that promote pleasant behaviours. [3] [6] There is evidence that polls attack polls as if they were common conversations. [2] One consequence is that the conventions governing discussions influence the interpretation of survey questions and responses. As a result, the pressure to comply with these standards and conventions encourages people to accept messages of stimulation. Based on the study of “Big Five” personality traits, individuals are predisposed to pleasant behaviors to varying degrees.

[3] These conditions (including additional conditions) represent the entirety of the agreement between you and SurveyMonkey and resolve any other prior or simultaneous agreement, in writing or orally on their purpose.