The Democratic Party expresses its support for the labour movement in its platform and generally wins the support of trade unions. Some unions, such as law enforcement groups, support Republican candidates. In its 2016 platform, which was revived in 2016, the Republican Party sees unions as a threat to freedom in the workplace and rejects laws that make it easier to organize unions. If they do not work for an agency, domestic workers (such as nannies, cleaners and gardeners) are not covered by the NRL and their jobs are spread over millions of individual households. Recently, in Seattle, labor lawyers obtained the adoption of a city by-law. 39 The 33,000 domestic workers are covered by the Law.40 One of the best-known examples of national multi-employer negotiations that have set standards for an entire sector. , are the team Masterters Freight Agreement negotiated by Jimmy Hoffa in the 1960s.20 When it was first adopted, the Master Freight Agreement included more than 450,000 drivers, had literally hundreds of employers signatories and set standards for the entire truck industry. However, the agreement has been undermined by deregulation and consolidation of the sector. Nevertheless, the Teamsters are still able to conclude national agreements that raise standards for tens of thousands of freight industry workers. The Master Freight Agreement includes YRC Freight, Holland and New Penn, which together employ approximately 24,000 truck drivers, dockworkers and office workers at more than 200 sites in the United States. In addition, the Teamsters have national agreements with ABF Freight, which covers more than 8,000 employees at more than 150 sites, and UPS Freight, which covers 12,000 freight drivers and dockworkers. Teamsters also represent nearly 300,000 package, air and access driver ups, as well as loaders, sorters and managers at 400 UPS sites – making the contract for these workers the largest collective agreement for the private sector in the United States. In the logistics of freight transport, The Teamsters have national agreements with DHL, which cover nearly 5,000 employees at more than 50 sites.21 Pros Collective Agreement guarantees a fair contractual relationship and fair compensation.

The collective agreement covers you against arbitrary dismissals and dismissals, because the agreements set out the rules to be followed in the event of termination, i.e. the so-called termination procedures. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases of the NLRB, dealing with the issue of the duty to negotiate in good faith. In deciding whether a party is negotiating in good faith, the Board of Directors will consider all of the circumstances.