A partnership can be made up of both individuals and legal entities. True or false? a) A partner may agree to participate provided that he or she only risks his or her capital b) As a sleeping partner, a partner may be excused from management liability c) By appointment, a partner may claim interest on his loans of 12% per year (d) If he is registered with the Registrar of Companies as a limited liability partner , it could be limited to the amount of capital paid out. each of the following alternative scenarios: The only condition is that partners do not receive wages without written agreement and share both profits and losses. Partners have a duty of loyalty to other partners and should not be enriched at the expense of partnership. Partners are also required to make financial accounting available to other partners. Rose and Ivy, who shared the profits in a 2-1 ratio and closed the annual accounts on December 31, acknowledged Liby`s fourth share of earnings on March 1, 2012. Up to libya registration, the balances of Rose and Ivy`s accounts were $300,000 and $200,000, respectively. Liby introduced $200,000 as capital. Your partnership agreement provides for a salary of $2,000 per month and capital interest of 6% per year. In addition to adjusting to the profit-sharing rate, other conditions of the agreement will be maintained after La Liby`s admission.

Earnings for the year ended December 31, 2012 were $480,000 and can be expected to have been accumulated continuously throughout the year. Answer the following questions, then tap “Send” to get your score. There are no formalities for a business relationship to become a general partnership. This means that you don`t need to write for a partnership to be entered into. The key factors are two or more people who, as co-owners, continue to share the profits. Even if you do not intend to be a partnership, if you do so in this way, your relationship is considered a partnership and all partners are responsible for the obligations of the partnership (see liability issues below). While there is no need for a written partnership agreement, it is often a very good idea to have such a document to avoid internal wrangling (on profits, management, etc.) and to give strong direction to the partnership. Limited partnerships are made up of partners who play an active role in the management of the business and those who invest only money and play a very limited role in management.