Pier plan. This is one of the drawbacks of condominiums – the fact that you don`t have the freedom to cruise whenever you want. How do you decide who will get the boat and when? I recommend dividing the year into blocks of two, three or four weeks, each owner using all the other primary blocks. If a co-owner wants to use the boat during the time of the other co-owner, simply ask. The key is communication, flexibility and cooperation. If the boat is out of service for weeks to paint the ground or perform maintenance work, do not plan everything on a co-owner`s block of time. The condominium contract will require considerable effort, but could save you hours of mourning and maintain your friendship and co-ownership for many years of smooth browsing. You have a choice: whether it`s a beginner or an experienced yacht owner, whether you prefer a year-round flight attendant, a temporary skipper on request or you want the yacht yourself, SmartYacht lets you get exactly what you want. No matter how nice you are to your potential partner, a written agreement between co-owners facilitates the maintenance of a viable partnership, solving problems before they develop, provide guidance and set up a process to deal with unforeseen events – important, regardless of the size and complexity of the boat. Here are a few things you should consider, including in your agreement: We have provided a sample of the boat co-ownership agreement. The kit also contains an aircraft co-ownership agreement.

There are other issues that need to be considered when introducing a condominium regime. You must first overcome the psychological aspect of sharing a boat – overcoming this obstacle is an important step to become a co-owner. However, many of us owned condos or holiday homes and rented them out to others if they were not used. Why don`t you bring this attitude to your trawler? Your vacation time is guaranteed! In addition, there is nothing to prevent you from enjoying a short-term yacht holiday. This is possible because SmartYacht brings together shareholders with different usage needs and thus becomes one of the best options for the co-owner of the yacht on the market.